7.2 Genus

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You’re likely to hear most about the genus level because it’s the most detail that cheap sequencing technologies can get right – most of the time.

Bifidobacterium is a key component of virtually all popular probiotic supplements, partly because it is so easy to manufacture, but also due to its proven association with sleep and other aspects of health. A six month picture of my levels shows some dramatic ups and downs (See Figure 3.4).

Gordonibacter produce urolithin A, a compound that apparently protects muscle cells from aging, at least in animals133.

This microbe, it seems, is pretty rare (Figure ??) in healthy people as well as everyone else. See any microbe using this app.

Select the microbe of interest to see its frequency among different kinds of people (Healthy, Unhealthy, or just compare to Richard Sprague’s many samples). The resulting histogram shows, roughly, how many samples contained that microbe. Adjust the “bins” for higher or lower resolution.