Chapter 3 My Experiments

Microbe numbers shift daily in response to your environment, so a single sample won’t give much more than a brief snapshot at a single point in time. Here are some of the experiments I’ve tried on myself, in over 600 tests since 2014. What happens in your case?

Experiment: Probiotic supplements Do probiotic pills affect my microbiome?

Experiment: Drinking Homemade Kefir Does kefir make a difference?

Experiment: Drinking kombucha How about kombucha?

Experiment: Collection methods Does it matter how, exactly, you collect the sample?

Experiment: The Dentist What changes before and after my dental checkup?

Experiment: Sleep Can I sleep better by manipulating the microbiome?

Experiment: Gut Cleanse Let’s go all the way: clear out all the microbes and watch how they grow back.