15  DIY Microbiome Testing

Although I’ve done hundreds of near-daily microbiome tests in the past, these days I only test myself every couple of months. Here are my recommendations as of early 2023.

If you’re just curious to see the results, I recommend signing up for one of the free clinical studies that will send you a gut kit and report the results:

If you’re more serious and want to get a detailed breakdown of the microbes, I recommend either:

A few good microbiome tests from 2023

Many people are looking for a test that will help them with a diet, either to lose weight or to solve some other gut-related issue. In that case, I would look at:

If you’re suffering from a specific ailment that you’d like to consider for a microbiome-related treatment, I strongly suggest you see an expert. Search your local area for “digestive” or “gut” doctor, or for a condition like “IBS” or “SIBO”. Go with doctors who use tests from Doctors Data or GI MAP from Diagnostic Solutions. Unfortunately there is wide variation in quality among gut doctors, so you’ll need to shop around, and hopefully get a referral from somebody you trust.

A University of Oslo dietician at MyMicrobiome did a thorough feature summary of microbiome tests available in Europe. While not all of the tests are available in the US, it’s a good breakdown of what to look for in these tests.