3.1 Upload your data

Press the bright green “New Sample” button to add new raw data to your account.

You should see a screen that looks like this (Figure: 3.2):

Copy and paste your raw uBiome JSON data here.

Figure 3.2: Copy and paste your raw uBiome JSON data here.

3.1.1 Title

Remember that your uploaded data is intended to be shared with every other Personal Scientist, so try to fill the “Title” field with a name that is descriptive enough for others to tell something about the sample.

3.1.2 JSON

Follow the(see our instructions) if you’re not sure how to get the raw JSON data from uBiome.

3.1.3 Tags

Similarly, in the “Tags” field, enter items that will make your data easy to be found and relevant when somebody else is searching the Community for data like theirs. Some good examples of tags:

healthy, vegetarian, lyme, keto.

Some bad examples of tags:

First sample, mine, after only 6.5 hrs of sleep, lkajdsfas.

These tags aren’t very useful because people aren’t likely to search for them.